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She Loves Everybody | Chester French Lyrics

Chester French Lyrics

She Loves Everybody

Somebody call my baby
somebody call her up real quick
i think i need my fix

always around to please me
always around to take control
i never feel alone

but she feels so clean

Well she craves affection
so i use protection
and i know she loves me
she loves everybody

baby oh no (oh yeah)
darling on no (oh yeah)
baby oh!

You’re just a little girl now
you’re just a girl who misses her dad
and all the toys that she had

thought i could make you older
thought i could keep you out of harm
but now you’re caught in my arms

but she feels so clean….


Now that we’ve made it this far
now that we’ve made a mess in the car
you oughta give it a rest

15 Responses to “She Loves Everybody”

This song is of the chain gald I coped the album can’t wait to see you guys in nyc may 2nd!!!!!!

I like this song, cause its all mellow n stuffs :3

perfect for makeing out with my girl in her jimmy choos (i wish she had jimmy choos lmao)

Hey D.A. and Max! I was wondering what was your motivation for this song? Was this a personal experience or did you make up this girl? The video is hilarious!

this is song so relates to dating a sex addict, word for word, its crazy

I just realized i’m a sex addict!

then i would have experience dating somebody like you, CRAZY!!

this song is by far my fav. I love you guys so much. But who s the girl?

Real nice song…many people can relate to this I love the music and the talent. People think becuase I’m black “oh you listen to Rap” I’m like naw Chester French playing in my car :)!!!!

Definitely check out the RAC remix of this song for some extra power!!

i’ve heard this song and it’s pretty cool! My English isn’t that good ,but you can figure out i really love it!

Thanx for the blog. It is rather interesting to read it. I like everything that is connected to that theme. Hope to read a bit more soon.

this song reminds me of a girl i know. reminds me of the great search for love thru lust

Are those real posts?


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